Learning to love grad school, when I hate it the most.

You know what they say about how to deal with something/someone that is miserable, curmudgeonly, unpleasant, unsatisfying, and completely missing the point and thereby really, really frustrating???

Learn to love it.

You see this is what I’ve come to feel about grad school…

It’s like I was starting a really creative enterprise and decided I need to take on venture funding.

So, I got into a big name school that costs a lot of money…as if THE SCHOOL would open the door for me, and not ME. I didn’t trust myself enough. Didn’t take a big enough risk. So, I funded myself in a venture that that’s not wholly mine.

This realization has been life-altering of late. If I seem a little distracted or distant these days, it may be the winter blues, or it may be that I’m thinking of how to get my freedom back and keep it forever.

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To graduate school I go…

[SEEN: MAG taking a bite out of a good old back-to-school apple!]

Wow! Two months+ back in the USofA and it’s all been a wind up to what promises to be an engaging, demanding, and sleep-depriving next 12 months of my life: GRADUATE SCHOOL! 

 It will be fun! To put the sentiment in four words: Work hard, play hard.

I’m getting to an age that is too late to go back and do a lot of the things I wish I’d experimented with in college or before (and friends assure me I didn’t miss much), but sometimes having an old soul has the distinct disadvantage of making me feel beyond my years.

I guess if I esteem myself for wisdom then what I know is that the questions in life never change, it’s just that the emphasis does.

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